Ricky Bailey, Digital Marketing

Actions speak louder than words

Digital marketing is an essential part of any successful business, luckily we’ve got you covered.

Our unique packages allow you to manage your social media accounts in the best possible way for your company. We aim to boost sales, engage with potential customers, and get your brand out there. Each of our packages opens your business up to a world of opportunity.

Ricky came up with some really effective and extremely varied posts and has massively improved our representation.
Darren Long, Ignite+

Account Creation & Setup

We can build your accounts from the ground up, tailoring social media profiles specifically with your business in mind. Start your online journey today and begin to reach out to your target audience.

Account Clean Up

We can clean up your existing accounts to create a coherent and strategic online presence. What you say and do on social media says a lot about your company. We’ll de-clutter & re-establish your accounts bringing you up to scratch and getting you back on track.

All of our strategies are carefully planned and expertly created.

Content Creation & Publishing

Creating interesting and engaging content is what we do best. By reaching out to your audience as often as you decide, we can maintain your online presence, increase interest and enhance your brand.

We promote your business with professionalism whilst ensuring brand consistency.

Account Administration

We can take on board the daily administrative tasks, maintaining your presence, checking your accounts and keeping them up to date.

Analytics & Reporting

It’s great to see what your online presence is actively doing for your business. Providing a monthly report can really help to measure performance and improve results.

Ad Campaigns & Management

Ad Campaigns are a great way to reach your target audience and channel business directly to you. Set your budget and leave advertising with us to increase business in a cost-effective way.

We are committed to reliability, honesty & transparency.

Email Campaign Creation & Distribution

Email Campaigns are personally designed and created with your brand in mind. We’ll use your company logos and branding to ensure consistency in your campaign.

Ricky Bailey is a great person to work with. He’s always proactive and helpful when it comes to digital marketing.
Liz Hawkes, Watermark Gallery

Blog Content Creation & Publishing

Helping to build rapport with your client base, a blog is a great way to engage with your audience in an informal and friendly way.

Audience Interaction

We can respond to comments and acknowledge reviews, making your audience feel appreciated whilst keeping sensitivity and professionalism in mind.

Reputation & Reviews

Your online presence represents your business and company values, drastically impacting how potential clients view you. Monitoring search engine results, sourcing negative reviews & protecting your company name is all part of what we can offer.

Localise your ads and target your audience more specifically for a better return on investment.

Social Marketing Strategy & Insights

Strategy is key when it comes to social media, we will research competitors, analyse data and advise you on the next best steps to take in your campaign.

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Account Creation & Setup  tick  tick  tick
Account Clean Up  tick tick  tick
Content Creation & Publishing  2 Per Week
(2 Platforms)
 3 Per Week
(3 Platforms)
Account Administration  tick  tick  tick
Analytics & Reporting  Monthly  Weekly  Weekly
Reputation & Review Management  tick tick tick
Ad Campaign Creation & Management  tick  tick
Email Campaign Creation & Distribution  2 Per Month  Bespoke
Blog Content Creation & Publishing  1 Per Month  Bespoke
Marketing Strategy & Insights  tick  tick
per month
per month
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