Ricky Bailey, Our Story

We have a real passion for design, business and working with people.

“Say you can, then learn how.”

At the age of 15, I advertised a logo design service on eBay.co.uk and 2 weeks later I won my first commercial design project. I quickly found that logo design was a gateway to other projects such as stationery, flyers and websites. Whenever I was asked “can you also provide this service?”, I would say “yes”, and then as quickly as I could, I would learn how.

When I was 17, I interviewed for a web design role within a local promotional merchandise consultancy. They were behind the times and needed bringing up to date with a new website. On my 2nd day, I suggested that the company re-brand. I was responsible for the new company name, along with the new corporate identity and brand assets. Today, 90%+ of the company’s¬†turnover is generated by leads from the website I designed and co-developed.

Over the following 7 years, I continued to freelance and develop my own business. By the time I was 24, I had enough clients and projects under my belt to take the plunge and go fully self employed, whilst retaining work from my employer on a freelance basis.

I believe that I have been successful thus far due to my confidence, hard work and enthusiasm. I have a real passion for design, business and working with people. I believe that communication and honesty are key in my line of work, and this has definitely gone a long way in retaining clients as well as developing new business through recommendations.

Ricky Bailey
Designer & WordPress Specialist

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