Ricky Bailey, Why Us?

Why Us?

Choosing a designer or a developer is a big decision to make, so here’s a handful of reasons why we would make a firm choice for working with you on your project.


When faced with a challenging task, we will always rise to it, this is how we have developed our business over the years. We are self-taught and quick learners. We have a natural creative ability and have matched this with strong web development skills.


Honesty is very important to us. We work transparently and openly with our clients, and this helps to build trusting and lasting relationships.


Communication is paramount to the success of any given project. We keep clients up to date with project progress and realistic timeframes, and we are reachable 7 days a week between 8am and 10pm.


We are a reliable team and have over 15 years of project management experience. As freelancers, time off can be a worry for the client. We put in the extra time prior to annual leave, ensuring that project work goes unaffected.


We have no fixed way of working and are happy to work in a way that is most suitable for you. Some clients enjoy working with us face to face, whilst others are happy for us to work remotely. We are also happy to meet on a weekend or after hours.


We thoroughly enjoy working with each of our clients. We work with lots of small to medium size local businesses where the work we do really makes a difference. These are exciting times for the client, and we like to share that excitement, too.

Call us on 07981 208146 or [email protected]