Ricky Bailey, LCC

WordPress Website Development

We’ve been working with Liverpool City Council on behalf of We Are Brave since January 2017, and have been responsible for the development of 3 major campaign websites.

For the ‘Drink Less Feel Good’ website (www.drinklessfeelgood.com) we developed a ‘Drinks Checker’ which allows visitors to see the calorie equivalent of their weekly alcoholic drinks and get personalised tips to help reduce their alcohol intake. So far the quiz has been taken over 25,000 times (May 19)!

We then went on to develop the ‘Save Kids From Sugar’ website (www.savekidsfromsugar.co.uk) which has a similar interactive quiz to that of the Drink Less tool. This time, parents can see how sugar their children are consuming over the recommended daily allowance, with tips on how this can be reduced. This quiz has been taken over 16,000 times (May 19).

We Are Brave also commissioned us to develop a website for the ‘Let’s Clear The Air Liverpool’ initiative (www.letscleartheairliverpool.co.uk), which includes a bespoke, real-time ‘Today’s Air Quality’ widget, pulling data directly from Defra.